CRD 2013-17

Certification Specifications for Simulator Data (CS-SIMD)

This Comment-Response Document (CRD) contains the comments received on NPA 2013-17 (published on 27 August 2013) and the responses provided thereto by the Agency.

Based on the comments and responses, Decision 2014/033/R was developed.

In summary, the comments support the issuance of the new CS-SIMD; however, many comments showed confusion about the scope of CS-SIMD in the context of Operational Suitability Data (OSD), the scope of OSD related to simulators and the possibilities for others than the aircraft TC holder to establish simulator data. These issues have been clarified in this CRD and, where necessary, have led to improvements in the CS-SIMD.

The proposed new Certification Specifications for Simulator Data (CS-SIMD) specify how the applicant for an aircraft type certificate shall develop the definition of scope of the aircraft validation source data to support the objective qualification of simulator(s) associated to the pilot type-rating training, as required by the OSD concept.

The Certification Specifications include the following:

(a) the scope and applicability of the Certification Specifications; and

(b) the determination of scope of validation source data.

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