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C.4.2.2 - Foreign Part-145 Organisations not subject to bilateral agreements - Does "the fee will be based on the number of staff related to the organisation" mean the total number of staff employed in an organisation (including non technical)?


This means the total number of staff employed by the organisation in order to comply with EASA Part-145. This number should include, but is not limited to: the nominated Persons in accordance with Part-145.A.30 a & b - post-holders, managers, supervisors, certifying staff, technicians and mechanics for aircraft, engines and components, NDT personnel, technical support personnel such as planners, engineers, technical record staff, librarians, quality control/assurance staff, specialized services staff, training staff, store department staff, purchasing department staff, contract staff in the above categories. Some of these staff are not considered as technical staff but shall be included in the total number of staff.

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