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A.3 - When do I have to pay?


Based on your application or based on your Certificate or Approval under the Agency’s surveillance, you shall receive an invoice notifying you of the fee or charge to be paid. (EASA invoices feature the word “Invoice” in the title and an eight-digit document invoice number starting with the digits ‘90’). Please do not pay anything before you have received such an invoice. The Terms of Payment (General Terms of Payment) for all invoices is 30 days.

Invoices are issued depending on the nature of the fee or charge:

  • tasks which give rise to the payment of a flat rate: after receipt of the application at EASA;
  • tasks which give rise to the payment of a flat rate occurring after the issuance of the certificate (e.g. continued airworthiness activities, oversight activities): before the start of the annual billing cycle;
  • tasks which give rise to the payment of fees or charges on an hourly basis: invoicing is either on a quarterly, yearly or monthly basis.

In some cases a payment is required before the project can start or continue; in the case of hourly charging the invoice is based on the estimated number of working hours.

Travel costs are charged as soon as the related data becomes available.

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