EASA publishes Guidance on ICAO Targeted Exemptions notification process


The European Union Aviation Safety Agency published Guidance on the implementation of the ICAO Targeted Exemptions notification process. 

This document supports the EASA Member States in fulfilling their obligation as ICAO Contracting States with respect to the new system of Targeted Exemptions, which are tightly scoped and time limited State-issued exemptions to a specified subset of Standards, granted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The new system, which will become applicable on June 30, 2021, will ensure that other ICAO Contracting States:
will recognise or accept the validity of certificates and licenses affected by the special temporary measures (i.e. COVID-19 exemptions) granted by EASA Member States’ civil aviation authorities; and 
accept flights using such exemptions within their territory.