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Manuel Márquez • 17 March 2021
in community Air Operations

Hello colleagues!

I came across the other about this topic. Usually when it is done a non precision approach using a VOR, the VOR facilities should be close to the runway or, at the most, in the surrounding area of the airport. At the most, how far can a VOR facility be from the concerning airport in order to be used in a VOR approach? 

Many thanks!

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Jacob Bart

Hi Manuel, PANS-OPS volume II says 20 nm: "Final approach may be made to aerodromes which are a maximum of 37 km (20 NM) from the VOR"
Cheers Jacob

Juergen Kuhnhenn

Hi Manuel,
just to complete the info, FAA TERPS says:
(VOR) Final approaches may be made to airports a maximum of 30 NM from the facility (see figure 5-2-7).

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