Sunny Swift Edition 34 - Parachuting Operations

John FRANKLIN • 20 December 2021
in community General Aviation

Skydiving is a very exiting activity! However, there have been a number of accidents in parachuting operations and we must all do everything we can to reduce safety risks so that we can save precious lives.

That is why EASA organised a workshop at the beginning of the year to bring all that are involved in skydiving together. Even when the legal responsibilities are split for the aircraft, the pilot and the skydivers, it is important we work together in the interest of safety.

This is what this new Sunny Swift edition is about and it addresses some of the key issues we discussed during the workshop, in February. Enjoy the reading!

Sunny would also like to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas.

The cartoon is shown below and you can access the PDF versions in all EU languages at this link

Sunny Swift 34

Highlighted video for reference

One of the community members recommended this video of a King Air spin during parachuting operations. The youtube link is here

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The King air spin video is a classic piece of footage for highlighting these issues. It is also a very good illustration of a Multi-Engine loss of control.. Aft C of G, Lots of yaw (jumpers causing drag on the port side), High AoA, but critically ASSYMETRIC aoa - Look at the left aileron just prior to the event.. This is why LoC happens - one wing stalls before the other causing startle, probably (initially) an inappropriate input, if its close to the ground probably not enough room to recover.

the system will not let me post a youtube link - just google 'king air parachute spin' - its a fantastic piece of footage we can all learn from - not just Para pilots - its the same mechanism for all fixed-wing aircraft whatever the causal inputs.

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