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Vlastimil Jiracek • 5 June 2021
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Dear colleagues,

I would to discuss with you the next topic.

We apply for RVSM approval for our new A/C Phenom 300. According to SPA.LVO and our OM D we have provided RVSM ground training for our pilots. The pilots are experienced in CAT on C525 and has flowen many hours in RVSM area.

CAA has a requirment that we have to do RVSM flight training before granting RVSM approval for Phenom 300.

Do you think that it is correct requirement ? We think that RVSM procedures are common for all A/C types and RVSM "type training " is not  correct requirement.

Thank you very much for your opinions.


Vlasta Jiracek






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vito domenico muscatelli

but haven't you already asked this question to the CAA?
The only thing I can think about if they have set this condition is that the new aircraft technically, from the RVSM point of view, is different from the previous one.

Vlastimil Jiracek

CAA said, that Phenom is a new type in our fleet and due to we have to do Rvsm flight training before Rvsm approval granting. Unfotunately, I cannot find requirements in Subpart SPA.RVSM which prescribes flight training....only ground training is required. Maybe Rvsm ops is a part of type rating course.....

Winthir Brunnbauer

Well, you are completely right, but you need to give some evidence that your pilots have received RVSM training once in their pilot's life and stay current with the latest regulations in the future. Experience is not really considered. Usually, it is done during the type rating, but then you need to have it signed off with a certificate you can show.
If not handy, do your RVSM training according your OM-D or go to an online training provider and simply do the training for 30 Euros per pilot. And done... Remember to add this provider as a training provider to your RVSM training in your OM-D if not done yet.

Robert Gottwald

SPA.RVSM.105 (c) requires a training programme for flight crew members involved in RVSM operations.
AMC1 SPA.RVSM.105 (c) clearly states that this is achieved by incorporating the training items related to RVSM in the initial and recurrent training.
For operations in the EUR region, the training items should be based on EUR Doc 009 Part 6 and 9 and incorporated into initial and recurrent flight crew training and area qualifications. There is no explicit requirement for a dedicated RVSM flying training the way I read it.

Vlastimil Jiracek

Thank you for your comments, we will negotiate it with our CAA.

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