Runway Condition Reporting (GRF)

John FRANKLIN • 19 May 2021
in community Air Operations

This page provides all the latest information on the implementation of the Global Reporting Format for Runway Condition Reporting. You can review the recording of the EASA Webinar below. There are also the presentations attached to this page and also the Q&A from the session. 

3 September (Update to EASA SIB) - EASA SIB Published


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Apologies, we got a huge number of questions so its taking a little longer to go through than we expected. It should be posted in the next 2 weeks. Sorry for the delay.

Erik Lips

[~947] Thank you John. I can imagine this. The GRF related AMC and GM was also expected to be available now. Do you know the status? When can we expect this AMC and GM?

Erik Lips

Hi, it is rather quiet in this community. Anybody there? Is there any idea as to when the answers to the questions and the GRF related AMC and GM will be released?


We are here. It's still early days for this community, we will continually be posting things and trying to encourage discussions. We are still waiting for some of the questions to be finalised - many apologies for the delay with this.

Iry Razafintsalama

Hi, I was wondering if some of you operates on aerodromes where GRF does not apply ? also if GRF info is not available, how do you proceed ?

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