FI(s) under LAPL(s) license???

luisferreira • 20 August 2019
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Hello, I am the Head of Training in one DTO for SPL glider pilots license. I wonder if a LAPL(S) pilot, who complain all the requirements, (but is not a SPL), is entitled to obtain an instructor qualification (FIs). In the regulations I don't see any reference to it, so I understand it is possible.

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Renato Cortelletti

I think it's not possible.
The LAPL is not a complete licence like PPL. With a PPL insteedyou can do a CRI.

Ian Kennedy

I have an LAPL(S), with FI(s) and TMG, so the answer is yes. Very common in the UK.

Jannes Neumann

There is a difference between aeroplanes and sailplanes with regard to the FI prerequisites.
There is no possibility for a LAFI(A) but a LAFI(S) is not excluded.


Thanks Ian, I am of the same opinion, but I am very reassured to know that the same case exists.

Giancarlo Pierantoni

FCL.915.FI says need PPL and CPL theretical to became instructor. If whant to instruct only for LAPL can avoid DPL theretical.

Hermann Spring

The question is becoming more complex., if you ask for the combination:
1. CPL licence with valid SEP & FI rating (or PPL)
2. LAPL medical only
Does the medical class consider instruction or not?
I believe not, which means once more, that formalites are more important than anything else., or is the combination now valid?

Jannes Neumann

In my humble opinion this is a invalid combination.
Only the future Part-SFCL (sailplanes) will allow to combine a SPL with either a medicals Class 1/2 or LAPL. The privileges will be then the once of the medical. LAPL medical -> sub ICAO, EU countries only; Class 2 medical -> ICAO compliant, international. As said for sailplanes and powered sailplanes only.
I think, there is a discussion that someone does not need to exchange a PPL(A) by a LAPL(A) in case of a LAPL medical, but I don't know how far it is.

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