PIAU Denis • 22 July 2018
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Hello everybody,

Just like to know why a FI PPL rated can only learn for a LAPL student, as there is no differences between a FI PPL and a FI CPL, they followed exactly the same course to become FI.


Is there any hope EASA will change this ?

Thanks for an answer !

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Antoine ROGUES

Because at OACI level it is stated that a FI shall have a CPL theoretical level. So if you have PPL + CPL theo => FI "PPL", otherwise (PPL "only") you are FI LAPL.
It will remains like this until : EASA exit OACI (no chance), OACI change his requirements (very low chance)...


PIAU Denis

I dont't have any CPl theorical level, and honestly I don't know what it can add to a FI to get this level, as the pratical course is exactly the same ! (fortunately !)

Raul Moyo

Dear colleagues,

I would like to ask to the participants about this topic: Currently a PPL(A) only can teach PPL if you hold PPL+ CPL Theory but, Is it possible to teach PPL if you hold EASA PPL + FI + ICAO CPL Theory?

Let's see and example, where a pilot hold FAA CPL + EASA PPL and he/she wants to apply for the FI course. At the end of the FI course can the pilot teach to another PPL?

Thanks in advance

Josef Pavlicek

Hi guys, how about use ATPL theoretical course as CPL theory requirement to teach PPL not only LAPL. There is no difference between PPL and LAPL except instrument time if I'm right.

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