Conversation Aviation Magazine 02-2023 - Summer Readiness

John Franklin • 7 July 2023
in community Air Operations

Today, we are pleased to launch the second edition of Conversation Aviation “The Magazine”. This month's theme is "Summer Readiness". We have fabulous articles on topics like the EASA Summer SIB, safety leadership, human performance, understanding what ground handlers do, maintenance check flights, misunderstanding of CPDLC messages, unruly passengers, unstable approaches and jetblast. You can also check out our Hot, Hot, Hot Summer Quiz. 

Thanks to our contributors

A huge thanks to all the fabulous people and organisations who contributed to this edition:

The EASA Summer Teams for the SIB and Safety Week, EASA ATM Experts on CPDLC, Ana-Maria Anghel, Claudio Marturano, Gemma Aiuto-Turner, Mark Van Vogt, Miguel Mendez, Ronald Macintyre (T-C Alliance), Rebecca Lougheed, Jo Watkinson (CAE), Mariam Khojayan (IATA), Catarina Ramalho, Donal Young and Eoin O’Sullivan (Technical Flight Solutions), Peter Whitten (Odilia Clark for IPPAC), Airbus and easyJet.

Download either the full size magazine or the reduced file size, lower quality version at the bottom of the page. 

You can use our magazine as the basis for your own safety magazine - edit it yourself in Adobe Creative Cloud

The magazine is also available as an Adobe Creative Cloud file that you can use as the basis for your own safety magazine. Hopefully we will save you a lot of work. You can use the articles that you find useful, edit them for your own context and add other articles. If you would like the Adobe File please email us at

Our goal and the intended audience

Our main goal is to get the whole industry to have positive conversations about how to operate safely and effectively.

Our material is mostly aimed at safety leaders, managers, and safety teams in operational organisations. The last thing any airline or airport needs is EASA sending information directly to their frontline staff. It is important that your organisation sets our articles, videos, or other safety information in the right context for your day-to-day work and in accordance to your organisational mindset.

Edit the magazine yourself - feel free to remove our logos, just keep the credits

To help reach as many people as possible and save you time in your own organisation, we will also make the magazine and its article available so you can edit it in Adobe Creative Cloud. This way you can use the magazine as the basis for your own safety promotion material and company magazines. We encourage you to adapt the format to suit your organisation and part of the industry. Articles may be reprinted without permission, except where copyright source is indicated, but with acknowledgement to the organisation named as providing the source material.

Next issue - 30 September

Our next issue will be published around 30 September and will be on the top of winter readiness and the lessons learned from the summer. If you would like to contribute an article to “Conversation Aviation” please send us an email to


Comments (3)

Olivier Luneau

Thank you, very useful.
I have one question regarding SIB 2023-05 which specifies: "The captain's discretion should be avoided at the airline's operational base and/or its hubs, where standby or reserve crew members should be sufficiently available."

When unforeseen circumstances arise at the airline's operational base, does it mean it is advisable for the captain not to exercise his discretion?


Our experts say the following: This concept does not apply to home base where the operator is obliged to have some standby and reserve crew available. Therefore, if after the start of the duty the crew start to accumulate delays that will lead to use captain discretion before the end of the schedule and the aircraft is passing by the base the captain cannot consider the need to extend the duty as unforeseen because the delay and the projected need to extend is well known to him and to the airline ops department. In that case the operator as to reschedule the remaining flight and assign to a different crew.

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