diomiro certaldi • 18 February 2024
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For a CAMO Vc, not Part M, what is  the corret definition of a "Product" to apply in   the Compliance Audit plan? Not the aircraft but the Maintenance Program? Or the ARC issued?Any suggestion?

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marianna montefusco

May be it can help

Product Audit
An audit on a specific Company activity and its conformity to the procedures, or application of requested procedures etc.

All these may be considered as sample/specific activity, specifically if you have more aircraft type in fleet:

• Technical Documentation and Procedures&Forms,
• Modification&Repair (including defect rectification and deferred defect management),
• Record Standards (Management, Personeel, Airworthiness), &ATL Standards,
• Maintenance program and its effectiveness,
• Relaibility program
• Airworthiness directive,
• Airworthiness review,
• Internal and Mandatory Reporting,
• MEL management
• W&B;

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