Briefing Cards

John FRANKLIN • 6 December 2022
in community General Aviation

We all want to enjoy a safe and fun flight. A few minutes extra planning before the flight without the stress of being in the air is a great starting point. When you are proactive by  planning ahead and establishing “decision points” for each flight phase you remain in total control as Pilot-in-Command.

We have created these pilot briefing cards to help you to think about some key things you can do in different flight phases to ensure a safe flight. You can print these out, laminate them and use them in your preparation, as well as during the flight. 

It's also important to assess your performance after each flight to see how you can improve and focus more on next time. These cards also help with your post flight reflection. 

The cards can be downloaded from the bottom of the page. 

Briefing Cards



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Anas Sedek

This is a great tool to be prepared before getting into the air, i highly recommend the content. Although each operator might have a different structure.

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