Aircrat Position on EFB not allaowed by EASA

Antoine Molinier • 23 April 2021
in community Air Operations

In my OM-A, it is specified that the display of Aircraft Position on EFB applications (LIDO on iPad, eWAS=Weather enroute and more also on iPad) is not allowed by EASA regulation.

I am wondering why pilots should not be allowed to improve their situational awareness with a position symbol on either an approach or a ground chart or a weather "moving map", and this due to EASA recommendation or regulation?

Does anyone have a reference to an official text about this?

I remember beeing able to display my position on a jepp app plate a few years ago, or having a ground chart with aircraft position on my previous EFB with LIDO...

Thank you for any reference about this !
Have nice flights !


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Pablo Dezontini

The Own-ship function on an EFB software and, nowadays, applications must be properly approved by the Evaluation Board of each CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). They release an application OSB report or something equivalent. Maybe the version your company early approved during their EFB CAA process, okay. Probably, being By the book, they should update or amend the approval. There’s is any limitations or restrictions on your OpSpecs? What are the current App versions that are installed?

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