RAeS Conference: Mental Wellbeing and Human Performance:

John FRANKLIN • 24 March 2021
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Event date 27 Apr '21 14:00 - 28 Apr '21 18:30
Event location Virtual
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EASA introduced a new regulation that airlines operating in Europe must have implement by Autumn 2020, and makes the provision of psychological support mandatory by covering three key areas:

  1. Psychological testing of aircrew pre-employment.
  2. Access to psychological support resource.
  3. Substance abuse testing on a random basis.

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The implications of the EASA rule are clearly significant. Psychological assessment can take place up to 24 months before employment and while psychological support for civil aircrew is not a new initiative, the rule imposes compliance requirements on airlines to demonstrate this.

The intersection of the Rule with the need to assess and select 146,000 new pilots in the EU between 2018 and 2037 poses both a challenge and an opportunity to ensure that the selection and training of future aircrew is efficient, effective and reliable.

This virtual conference will look to the implications of the upcoming EASA Mental Fitness Rule compliance deadline and address where the industry might go next in terms of creating a proactive culture of psychological wellbeing to enhance the performance of aircrew and other professional groups in the industry. The EASA Rule will be viewed as a gate which can be used to frame a future wellbeing culture which could parallel or be part of, the Just Culture initiative.

Why should you attend?

  • Understand of the implications of the EASA rule and what it means for your organisation. 
  • Learn about psychological support programmes and initiatives. 
  • Hear case studies of how organisations have applied previous learnings.
  • Share ideas in discussion with fellow colleagues.
  • Ensure the safety of aircrew and passengers across the industry by applying your learnings within your own organisation

The full programme will be available shortly.

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vanya naumova

Thank you for the initiative, we really need to comment this issues.

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