Dominic Waeckerlin • 22 September 2023
in community Air Operations
Event date 22 Sep '23 - 31 Oct '23

This to report on actual GPS spoofing events which pose a new threat besides and not to be mistaken with GPS jamming events.

I would like to address this in this group as this topic has reached our attention to formulate mitigative actions. Airlines as well as business aviation are involved alike.

The events are linked to actual GPS signal falsification of >60NM while flying on an active airway in Iraq (UM688). 

Question to the group is if other operators have formulated mitigative operational measures to maintain navigational integrity and if the industry (OEMs) are knowledgeable about these events and the new dimension of this threat.

Depending on aircraft avionic type, a manual deselection of sensors as well of conventional navigation has to be done.

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