EAAP Selection Seminar: 27-28 September 2023

John Franklin • 28 August 2023
in community Air Operations
Event date 27 Sep '23 - 28 Sep '23
Event location Amsterdam • Netherlands

The EAAP selection seminar aims to bring selection professionals working in aviation together and will be kindly hosted by The Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR). The programme can be found here.

As we realise that not everyone interested will be able to travel to The Netherlands we will also be offering the possibility to follow the seminar online.

In-person participation of this EAAP recognised seminar will count towards accreditation as half a course.

If you are planning to attend please register here (to switch to English click on the flag top right). https://forms.gle/PMFMhazLa9i3CFjW9

Upon registration please indicate if you will be attending online or live in Amsterdam. If you plan to attend in-person please await confirmation before booking flights etc.

Please be aware that the registration deadline for in-person attendance is 6th September 2023.

For any other questions please contact us on international@eaap.net.

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John Franklin

Guy, the registration should work again now. We updated the link with the organisers in the article. I'll try and reach out on LinkedIn as well.

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