Personal Wellbeing

10 March 2022

Wellbeing is about you and those around you

Use the Wellbeing Resource Hub to learn more about how you can take care of yourself, maximise your personal readiness and support those around you. You can also help create organisations that help their staff to feel supported and fulfilled in both their work and personal lives.

Welcome to the EASA Wellbeing Resource Hub

The hub is a source of information and resources relating to wellbeing. It is intended for individual use, it is not a replacement for professional advice.  Additional information will be available shortly to help organisations with their implementation of wellbeing strategies for their staff.

Take our online wellbeing awareness training

You can take our online wellbeing awareness training by registering on the T-C Alliance Training Website. If you register you can then access the full package of training material on the EASA – Mental Health & Wellbeing Awareness for Aviation Employees – T-C-Alliance Online Learning Academy. The material has been developed in a collaborative approach with mental health and wellbeing aspects from across Europe and beyond. 

Access tailored resources 

Please select the stakeholder group that best represents your role in aviation to access general and role specific resources available in the hub by wellbeing topic. This hub is just one part of the conversation about health and wellbeing - if you came here looking for something and couldn't find it please send us some feedback via email to

ATCCabin CrewEngineersFlight CrewGround OpsOther StaffNot an alternative

It is important to be aware that the hub is not an alternative to professional help in any of the areas presented. If you have any specific concerns about any of the topics included in the hub you should refer to a relevant specialist.