Passenger Journey Risks and Mitigations

7 July 2020

The passenger journey below will help you to understand more about the different health risks and mitigations that you will need to put in place.  The main focus of our efforts should be the following:  

  • Welcoming passengers.

  • Caring for our people.

  • Operating safely.

Identifying and mitigating risks in the passenger journey

EASA is developing more detailed information and material about the health risks in the different parts of the passenger journey. Many of those risks already have mitigations identified in the Health Protocol, while others will require new and innovative solutions. A number of detailed checklists are being finalised to help understand both the risks and mitigations. This will be made available on this page to cover the different parts of the journey as soon as it is completed.  

Collaborative bowtie project

We are aware that many airlines and airports are working hard to understand and manage the health risks and identify local mitigations. The Bow Tie XP collaborative project was developed to help with this work and you can find out more about that on the project website.  

Bow Tie Project