Outdated Information

7 July 2020

Every organisation relies on information to make decisions and maintain safe operations. Over the past months, the capacity to keep this information updated has been reduced and it is important that you understand how this might impact your organisation.    

Follow-up work on each safety issue and mitigations

This information will be updated as the work of assessing each of the safety issues and developing potential mitigations progresses.

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Safety issues on outdated information

Documentation and database updates may not have been applied

Relevant updates of operational procedures and documentation, especially temporary revisions/updates, may be missed. This may have a cascading effect on the safety of operations. In addition, aircraft databases may not have been updated, such as TCAS, TAWS Nav DB, charts, etc. Manufacturers and data service providers may not be able to produce and deliver updates within the necessary timescales.

Outdated or inconsistent information in aeronautical information and flight plans

Aeronautical information management (AIM) and data service providers (DAT) are likely to have suffered from a lack of staff during the lockdown period. This reduces their ability to accomplish aeronautical information service (AIS) data publication in a timely manner that meets aeronautical information update needs and to include actual updates within publications.

Incorrect aircraft navigation due to outdated or inconsistent information

Aircraft may deviate from their flight path, assigned flight levels or lose separation as a result of outdated or inconsistent information. This relates not only to difficulties experienced by AIM and DAT providers, but also to the ability of ATCOs, flight operations officers and pilots to receive and absorb up-to-date information, both in advance of and during the return to normal operations.

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