Managing the Passenger Journey

3 February 2022

The importance of making our passengers feel welcome

One of biggest challenges we face is to rebuild passenger confidence. Put simply, many people are still scared to fly - for all sorts of reasons. With so many parts of the passenger journey taking place online we need to help passengers feel welcome and comfortable as they start to fly more often.

When people do fly, we want them to go back home with positive stories to tell their friends. Creating a welcoming and positive experience will be vital to the speed of the recovery. So what actions can we take as an industry to help encourage passengers to return? 

As part of our Conversation Aviation videocast/podcast series, John Franklin (EASA's Head of Safety Promotion), Chris Drew (Oliver Wyman) and Claudio Marturano (T-C Alliance) recently had a discussion about some of the challenges and the actions as well. You can watch the video below, or listen to the Conversation Aviation Podcast on all good podcast services, including our hosts Anchor.FM at this link.

What can we do to make our passengers feel welcome?

There are various things that we can do and broadly they fall into these 3 categories. If we can embed these activities throughout the ramp-up then we will have a much greater chance of success and create the hope for an excellent summer ahead. 

  • Walk in our passengers shoes: Set clear expectations, identify pinch points and deal with them at an operational level - every day. 

  • Set the example: Leaders, operational managers and staff should lead by example, this makes passengers feel safe and minimises conflict.

  • Collaborate continually: Keeping passengers safe and secure on their journeys is the responsibility of many different parties and organisations. Its particularly important that all stakeholders (i.e. airports, handling agents and airlines) coordinate their efforts to present a united front and minimise disruptions that negatively impact the passenger experience.

Find more resources

At the heart of the recovery is the EASA-ECDC Aviation Health Safety Protocol (AHSP). It's vital that we work together, walk in the shoes of our passengers, identify the health related pinch points that ruin their journey and take immediate action at operational level to resolve them. You can find more information about the Health Protocol and the different supporting tools to help implementation by clicking the various links below. 

Click the link to access the Passenger Journey Bow Tie Models

Click the link to access the AHSP Training and Checklists.

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