Stakeholder feedback

The Agency is committed to create clear and open communication with its stakeholders, in particular with those having an impact on the Agency's mission, performance and objectives. We have a unique role by acting as an Authority of reference to ensure the highest level of compliance with safety rules and applicable compulsory regulation. Consequently the Agency identifies the community of EU citizens who should benefit from the safest and the most environmentally friendly civil aviation system in the world as an important stakeholder.

On the other hand we take into account the needs and expectations of a variety of actors who have a direct interest in our performance on a process level:

  • The EU Member States;
  • The European Commission;
  • The industry;
  • The National Aviation Authorities;
  • The regulated persons;
  • Third country regulators;
  • ICAO.

In line with EASA Management Standards the Agency shall identify, implement and continually improve a stakeholder related process so as to determine and review the stakeholder needs, to collect and analyse their feedback and to monitor their satisfaction.

Feedback from stakeholders is part of the performnce indicators to evaluate the overall effectiveness of the EASA Integrated Management System.

External Complaints

Complaints: in what circumstances?

The Code of Conduct for the staff of EASA enables members of the public to file a complaint to determine whether the Agency has been in breach of the principles of sound administration set out in the Code.

The complaint form should be used to lodge a formal complaint only about the practice of the Agency concerning administrative matters arising between it and members of the public. It shall not be used for formal appeals against Agency decisions or for general feedback, nor is it to be used for complaints under the EC Staff Regulations.

To whom should the complaint be sent?

The complaint should be addressed to the Quality Section. We will register the complaint, send the acknowledgement of receipt and pass it on to the competent Directorate/Department responsible for drafting the answer.

By e-mail: info [at] easa [dot] europa [dot] eu

Who will handle the complaint, how long will it take?

The competent Directorate/Department will investigate the substance of the complaint and answer the complainant in writing within two months.

How much time is allowed for asking for the complaint to be reviewed?

The complainant has one month to ask the Agency to review the complaint starting from the date when the answer to the complaint was sent. The Executive Director will answer the request for a second review within one month.

Are there any other ways of filing complaints?

A complaint can also be filed with the European Ombudsman in accordance with Article 195 of the Treaty establishing the European Community and the Statute of the European Ombudsman.

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